What is Content marketing?

Content marketing is a type of that marketing in which we focused on publishing, creating, and distributing our content for a targeted audience online. It usually used by businesses for the purpose of:

  • Attract attention and increase traffic
  • Expand their customer
  • Elaborate their business
  • Increase sales online

Content marketing companies helps create sustainability of brand and it also to provide valuable information to consumers . Content marketing is a useful tool for increasing the goodwill of the products of company. This relatively new form of marketing because it not involve direct sales.

History of content marketing

Traditional marketers have used content to distribute information about their brand it helps to build a brand's reputation. Taking advantage of technological advances business owners started to used content marketing techniques in the late 19th century. For example:

  • In 1732 Benjamin Franklin used content marketing to promote his printing business
  • In 1888 Johnson & Johnson introduced a “Modern Methods of Antiseptic Wound Treatment” for medical
  • In 1895 John Deere launched the magazine The Furrow helps farmers on how to become more profitable.
  • In 1900 Michelin introduced the Michelin Guide for the purpose to provide information on auto maintenance, and other travel tips.

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