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Find best Initial Coin Offering (ICO) Marketing and advertisement Services with simrastechnology? 


ICO marketing requires the ability to blend best practices of both public relations and investor relations. Creation of a white paper followed by social media blasts is just not enough. A combined effort of thought leadership, credibility, channel creation and research is required for a credible ICO launch. Through our ICO Marketing Services, we design & develop your ICO campaign assets to give your project a professional look and build credibility.

ICO App – To Quickly Sell Digital Tokens

ICO Smart Contracts

ICOs on the Ethereum network issue ERC 20 compatible tokens to its users via Smart Contracts which restricts the organization/individual holding the ICO from creating more tokens than originally specified in the initial contract.

With ICO Smart Contracts, developers can take advantage of the security the Ethereum protocol provides, eliminating additional technical overhead and complexity. Prolitus has competent developers who can code feature-rich ICO Smart Contract according to your project requirements.

ICO Campaign Website

ICO Campaign WebsiteA visitor of your ICO website may have some information beforehand and might be looking for details, or he can be someone who is totally unaware about your ICO and was just randomly searching the internet for an ICO to invest into. Thus, an ICO Website becomes the most important place for communication between a potential investor and the project. It must contain detailed information about the current state of the project, future development plans, the team behind the project and so on.

The layout of the ICO websites is as per the requirement of the project. However, some of the important common sections of the ICO websites developed by Prolitus includes Project Presentation, Investment Information, Details of Projects & Token, Developer Team, White Paper, Sign-Up form, etc.

Pre-ICO Landing Page

Pre-ICO gives an opportunity to investors to buy tokens before the official crowdsale. Typically, pre-ICOs raise a much smaller amount of money, since they offer tokens at a lower price. The success of a Pre-ICO is one of the measures of overall confidence that the investor community has in the project.

Prolitus has proved its excellence in Web Development services, and with our extensive research and knowledge of ICOs, we can design eye-catching pre-ICO landing pages which will surely impress your investors and pursue them further to invest in your tokens. We give you a choice of various layouts and designs while giving suggestion on key information which your ICO landing page must have.


ICO Campaign PR for Creating Buzz Around Your Initial Token Crowdsale

Social Media marketing for ICO

Prolitus manages multiple active threads on BitcoinTalk for direct interaction with the target audience which is a perfect place to answer queries, dispel doubts, and introduce the audience to the developers. We offer comprehensive management of social networks and timely propagation of information about the campaign in all the accounts.

Apart from managing activities on popular social media platforms, Prolitus operates blogs for you on popular platforms like Medium to inform the target audience about the project, the ICO terms & conditions, the market and the prospects of your project. We thoroughly monitor channels like Slack and Telegram for you on a regular basis and answer all the questions raised in time, dispelling any doubts.


We design eye catching PPC Ads for your project and target right kind of audience to deliver the desired results. Some of the popular platform on which we roll out paid advertising are: 



Social Media marketing for ICOProlitus utilizes key PR instruments for the PR support of your ICO such as:

  • Press releases
  • Post-event releases
  • Copywriting of information
  • Materials Marketing Collaterals

Bounty Campaigns

Bounty campaigns motivate the members of communities to promote your project in exchange for a reward in tokens. Prolitus bounty campaigns are very versatile. We do bounty campaigns on all the major platforms.

Exchange Listing Assistance

If you want to unleash the full potential of your tokens, then you need to get it listed on popular exchanges. The process of getting a token listed on the different exchange requires negotiation. There are some technical specifications to be discussed with the exchanges before your token can be added to the exchange.

Prolitus make sure that your wallet is free of bugs before the listing. We take care of all the discussions from technical specification to coin listing charge, so that you can focus on your project. You can completely rest the responsibility of getting your token listed on different popular exchanges on us.


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