Initial Coin Offering Development company in Johannesburg South Africa
Blockchain Development Blockchain Development

Token Development

ERC 20 tokens are the fuel to your ICO project, we can create tokens as per the requirement of project.

ICO Development ICO Development

ICO Marketing

Marketing with a broad network of mediums that can skyrocket your campaign with ever-gaining popularity.

Cryptocurrency Development Cryptocurrency Development

Community Building

Communities are one of the most effective means of digital marketing and we can help you build your own.

Find the most effective Initial Coin Offering Development South Africa

In this new era of cryptos. Initial coin offering development provides you great start-up in the world of cryptocurrency.ICO development gives the best platform to a cryptocurrency firm to reach the targeted investors by raising a certain amount of money in the market to expand and grow the company. The concept of ICO in cryptocurrency is similar to IPO for company's share. In an IPO, a company’s shares are sold in public same as in an ICO, the company sells currency to its supporters called early investors giving them hope of double benefit.

How ICO works for a cryptocurrency company?

When a cryptocurrency development company wants to raise their funds in the market. They need to produce a white paper on the prepared business plan. ICO list includes a description of the project, key purpose of the project, the amount needs to be raised, the percentage of the amount to be kept by the company, period of ICO campaign. If investors have other queries they can ask for it through email before investing in the company. After the campaign has started investors can buy the cryptocurrency coins also referred as tokens. After the campaign amount has been raised successfully then the money can be used for the required task but if it fails, the raised amount is refunded to backers.

Moreover, the amount raised here is in the form of a virtual token and can be used for the elements required for the project and marketing. The process of buy and sale cryptocurrency is rapid that can be assessed without any intermediate. The entire process also includes a smart contract that makes transaction safe and secure.

Smrastechnology is the pioneer that provides most effective and excellent services. We are the leading blockchain development company that offers best ICO development solutions. We have the highly skilled professional team that has extensive experience in ICO development that helps people in mounting all ICO comprehensive including token creation, ICO platform hosting, smart contract development, landing page design and an inclusive list of ICO marketing services at the most affordable price.

What Should an ICO White Paper Look Like?

Landing Pag Landing Pag

Landing Page

Landing Page which will grab attention and provide information at the same time.

ICO Development ICO Development


A detailed projection of the strategies which will convey your vision to the investors.

Roadmapt Roadmap


An itinerary of the journey towards the apex of your domain with each landmark event.

Technology Setup Technology Setup

Technology Setup

Avant-garde applications and softwares to expedite the growth at every single level.

Blockchain Integration

Blockchain Integration

Empowerment with a technology so strong that could foolproof your operations totally.

PR & Marketing PR & Marketing

PR & Marketing

Marketing that will mark your presence through every single means of creating a buzz.

Coin/Token Development Cryptocurrency Development

Coin/Token Development

Tokens & Coins in accordance with the project with ease of convertibility and longevity.

Smart Contract Development Smart Contract Development

Smart Contract Development

Developing smart contracts with ingenious skills and expertise that match the project.

Support Support


Support through various channels available through various channels 24/7 at service.

How to drive an ICO project?

An impeccable marketing model designed to empower your project



A landing page so captivating that it incites the visitor to navigate ahead. Similarly, a roadmap that defines your project with watersheds.


We lay the foundation of your ICO with a whitepaper that portrays your vision with clarity and poise.


Building a hype using community platforms such as Telegram, Reddit, Steemit, Twitter and Facebook.


Launching Pre-ICOs which forms the base for potential investors and make the project come into limelight with strategic marketing skills.


Stash your coins/tokens in the digital wallet ensconced with blockchain, providing convenience and mobility to your business.


Redefining the Blockchain Technology

Our aim is to make the blockchains accessible to all the lines of business. As we understand how crucial is the information and data privacy for everyone.


Our Expertise

We have expertise on all the crypto conducive services. From mining to marketing, we can handle any project from start to finish.


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