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In time past, SEO was a very simple task to execute, but   as time goes on the competition in the marketing technique increases a lot which also include the pay per click (PPC) advertising which has subsequently driven website owners to initiate immediate action in other to be very certain that their website is under the tie of SEO friendliness.

However, in this very article, we’ll be elaborating on some pretty few techniques which has to be involve on a website which makes it much easier for it to be recognized by major search engines. On a realistic base, what is the importance of owning a website if it can't be found by searchers? The website is mainly been found when people search for them on the internet and the main help of seeing your website so fast on the net is simply because the website is optimized. Actually, it takes a lot of consistency, effort, hard work, patience and a proven working strategy f to make it be found on the web.

A lot of people even the digital marketing agency owners and bloggers create a website which happens not to be there's but just to help the website reach out to other people in other to acquire information or educate them on different aspect matters such as skills, service or sell products. SEO plays a great role in improving the visibility of the website. Presently search engine now makes use of specific algorithms in other to rank a website, any well-optimized website majorly makes use of this techniques and methodologies. Although this technique is a "white hat" SEO techniques.


The major techniques and approach to consider when ranking a website solemnly depends on “keywords and backlinks”. One of the basic formula to understand the writing of a great and quality content links which results in search engines success. The SEO techniques focus the search criterion which is based on text, images, and links. These are targeted based on web preferences. The SEO method deals with the entire contents and design of a website and creates an aspect that has to be very easily recognizable by the search engines.

The approach used in SEO may attract editing the whole content of the website in making sure that the relevant keywords are applied in part of the content. The implementation of keywords is pretty very much important words or phrase which people are likely to use when searching for something on the internet. It is vital for a website to have these keywords initiated in the content in order to make it rank high fast. I recommended that the first, second and third paragraph of your content should contain at least one of the keywords of the key phrase. You also have to carefully structure the website to make it easy to navigate by the end user as well as the search engines.

The more responsive your website is, the faster it loads the better for it to rank your website on the internet.

Another approach to consider is to link generation. You can actually accomplish this by placing a request to other high ranking site points to your website. Due to the fact, the search engine finds your link, your site popularity, then ranking will start up immediately within a twinkle of an eye. It is highly recommendable to make use of Google new backlinks tools.



It is quite essential to understand that there are actually two vital categories of   SEO, which are the “white hat SEO strategies” and the “black hat SEO strategies”. When it comes to the aspect of white hat strategies it is been used with a natural techniques in attaining results in which the black hat make use of different quick and illegitimate techniques that has the potentials in providing your site with a high ranking on search but it also has it downfalls, it can make your website been blacklisted when it gets caught with such an approach. In most circumstances, your site can be permanently been banned from ever getting found. If you are intended for hiring someone or a company who majorly specializes in SEO services, you have to be very certain in choosing a routable and trusted seo company johannesburg who implement only the white hat SEO services.


The constant development in the SEO methods is still evolving as newer technologies and methodologies are being developed in achieving a high search engines rankings and also helps in the generating some important traffic through the right marketing. This is majorly looked upon because the search engines change their algorithms all the time, if you are still pissed off or angry about been lost in the thousands of website being developed on a daily basis, then it is right time to get your website ready for a better SEO conversion.

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