How to reduce bounce rate on your website & increase conversion rate?

Ways  to reduce website bounce rate and increase conversion rate

Google orderly defines “bounce rate; as the percentage of the single-page affair on your website. If you’ve been struggling to increase the traffic on your website, improve email signups, it’s possible that your bounce rate is too high.

In other words, visitors and users who visit your arrival page bounce off, before they even give you a chance to convert them.

When you want to increase most metrics measures, it helps to increase the high bounce rate.

More arrival pages help increase the conversion rate. Hubspot conduct study in 2013 and Ion Interactive shared this study. In this study revealed that companies with 40 or more landing pages get 12 times more leads than those with 5 to 10 landing pages.  

Once you understand the construction of bounce rate, you can develop a clear content strategy that will grow your business.

What is the bounce rate?

When we start working regarding our website we do best as possible as, but sometimes our website not attracting the right site visitor or the visitors coming don’t have a good user experience. In other words, a high bounce rate is a sign that something is wrong with your strategy.

When the user visits your sites entrance page and leaves without visiting other pages of your site this is known bounce. Bounce rate is the percentage of all users enter and exit on the site’s page and leave without any clicks to other pages on your site.

Listed below are proven ways to reduce bounce rate and improve conversion for your website:

Make your website easy to read 

simple words, short lines attract the user.   The headline of a paragraph  – big and bold. Then, use subheadings and bullet points to make the article easier to read. Avoid Chunk paragraphs because it bored the user. You should try to write your article as friendly as possible.

Here are few points to help you format your content easy to read

  • Use subheadings after heading
  • Use bullet points to describe the advantages and disadvantages
  • Use pictures, charts, screenshots, and quotes from experienced persons
  • Ask a lot of questions in your content, it attracts users to participate, instead of just read.
  • End your content with a “conclusion.” Make your conclusion actionable.

   Avoid irrelevant Popups - In 2014, 67% of users said that they found irrelevant popups

      In articles. This thing probably hasn’t changed still, most people hate popup.T his is Debated topic: whether to use popups or to avoid them. In 2013 people seeing only 19% People seeing popup ads. Some popups are attracting the visitors into long-term readers, Which is the part of conversion rates.

 Optimize Page Load Time

Some web designer feels that if their bounce rate is high, the reason must lie with a page’s content, but serious problems can arise before a user even has the probability to read a page at all. if a user can’t read it and 50% of users expect a web page to load in two seconds or less, making on-page optimization crucial to decreasing your bounce rate.

Use logical and useful internal linking structure

Useful internal links help to increase traffic on your website and it also helps to reduce high bounce rate. More Hyperlink will help to reduce high bounce rate., For example, – English is an international language.E English is a primary language of British people.

 optimize for mobile

Optimize images, Leverage browser caching, Minify code, Reduce redirects etc helps your website optimized for mobile. It is a process of ensuring that visitors, visit your site have a great experience optimized for the device.

Hope this post helps to know about bounce rate.

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