SEO For Blogs-The 3 Most Important Factors


One of the ideas of SEO for blog is actually the same thing with SEO articles. If you take a very careful look at it, any kind of content you add to your blog is actually an article, however, the factors of keywords and keywords research are in the same line it doesn't really matter if you are writing an article or adding content to your blog.

If eventually, you don’t really know the three criteria about SEO for blog or the kind of techniques and activities you have to implement, then check this three-fundamental approach below.

  • Appropriate keyword research
  • Writing your blog content and attaching them with the appropriate keyword
  • Publishing the content on your blogs

The above are the three fundamental steps that you really need to focus on if really you want to succeed with your blogging career. Apparently, the majority of you might be thinking on how to do keyword research or even what kind of keyword should you be focusing on. You don’t have to panic, I will put in details one bit at a time on how the SEO for blog can benefit you with the steps below.


This is actually the most vital approach to consider implementing when it comes to search engine optimization simply because the appropriate keywords you make use of might subsequently be different between the margin of success and failure. The excellent way to search for a converting keyword is simply by making use of a keyword tool, this allows you to hunt for various types of keywords and how converting the traffics they tend to be getting. Any keywords you noticed that has a very high traffic margin, then it will be very much difficult for it to rank your blog article so do not attempt to make use of keywords that are having high numbers of traffics.


This is very simple to understand and accelerate because you sure definitely have to write contents on your blog in order to see results. In term of keywords, you sure definitely need to sprinkle them throughout your entire article, be very certain that you put the keywords at the very beginning of your article paragraph and the concluding paragraph. Don’t forget to attach the keyword on the title of the article you are writing this is very important because this is actually the first thing the search engine spider looks first at.


Even a 10years old child will know what this implies which is actually the simplest thing in doing when it comes to SEO for blog. When you reach this very stage, it means you have implemented and done all the necessary work, right from sourcing for the appropriate keywords down to attaching the keywords to your contents! Brilliant. So, at this stage, you post up your article and consistently keep doing this over and over again coz this is what will bring you success on your blog and also it will make you become the master of SEO marketing.

In conclusion, SEO for blog is never a difficult task when really you know what you are doing and doing it appropriately and achieving the desired results with the tools such as those of keywords. When it comes to blogging you really need to be consistent, hardworking and take constant action but if you hesitate in doing so, you will drastically fail before even starting up.


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