SEO trends

SEO trends and technique 2018

SEO is a tool that helps users to find best result and it helps website owners to make his website best. SEO technique is divided into two parts on page SEO and off page seo.seo technique helps to increase the traffic of your website.

Here we discussed about the on page and off page SEO techniques.

On page SEO -      It include of our site description, content of a site, image, keyword stuffing, internal linking,   etc. Structuring or building your website to be search engine friendly is known as on page SEO . On-page SEO is the practice of studying the individuals  web pages for the purpose to rank higher and earn more relevant traffic in search engines. On-page refers to both the content and HTML optimized by search engine.

Off page SEO –It include techniques which available on internet .This technique used when your blog or website ready to show on internet .so we say that it include publicity of our website ,share ,links etc .

Off page SEO techniques will help improve your website position in SERP.

on page SEO techniques

HTML TAGS – Here discussed about  HTML tags technique in the evaluation of on-page Search Engine Optimization.

  1. Page Title -   Some people thought that The page title or post title is nothing but the title  appears as a first thing on the website or webpage. The title must be 50 to 80 characters limit. And of course your post title always comes with H1 tags. If you are not able to update your post title in H1, ask your. Developers to do so If you are not able to update your post title in H1.
  2. Seo Title -   Google ,Yahoo , Bing,  major search engines take the SEO title and show it in the search engine result pages. Google typically shows the first 50 to 60 characters .So your SEO title would be around 60 characters. You can also find SEO title from another websites. The page title and the SEO title can be the same or slightly different.

META TAGS -  Meta tags are introduced by Meta search engine, it is not visible to the users in the browser. Let’s see how it helps  you

Meta Description

Meta description is indirectly , not a direct SEO ranking factor. To place our keywords it is a better place . Meta description helps increase the clicks on her website. CTR is also  one of the ranking factors in SEO. Most of the search engines show the keywords in the description in bold format.

Schema tags -

Schema is nothing but micro data that helps search engines to find the content on our website more effectively so they can provide relevant results which users demand.

4.Page Type

Page type is one of the most important schema tags in which we tell about type of our webpage to  search engine. For example articles, book, events, pictures , products, commercial businesses, organizations, persons etc.

seo friendly Content

5. Content must be unique

Only with quality content  you can attract a lot of people to check out your posts. The uniqueness of your content also attract users  thus making your work viewed by many. This helps to improve the rank of your website.

6.  Structure of content

The content of your blog or a website is not very long or not too short. Paragraphs does not very huge. Like  blogs must contain introduction body and conclusion. When you write the body for the blog you can also add points instead of paragraphs to make it more effective . This will encourage more visitors  in your website thus increasing the traffic there. You can also use Bold, Italic,  Ordered List,and Unordered List etc

Hope this post helpful to know about SEO technique you are looking for seo services in Johannesburg please feel free to contact us.



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