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 What is single page SEO for website and how it effect on ranking


Now a day’s single page Website is most popular. We define it as “A site which depends on only a single page of HTML. When a user clicks on the navigator links, he goes to the section of that content. The site may  use jQuery, JavaScript, Ajax or CSS3 to complete the movement.  It’s a very hot trend today and the industries are using this, no one will see these templates are our web portfolio.

With the coming of Smartphone and tablets, these websites look amazing. The designers are working on it and trying to get the best scope to becoming a new and creative with the use of transitions in animation and content in graphics.  The most excellent part of these types of sites is that they are effective cost wise and very easy to develop and design. So for that mostly the small businesses are using the single page websites also.

 Though, some misconceptions related to single page sites are created. The most strong and general misconception are that these sites not considered well when it’s come to single page SEO. Usually, these websites are high on CSS and Script java elements. These essentials hinder search engines from crawl these sites. But there no reality in these misconceptions. Google says that one page website algorithm is dominant enough to crawl complex JavaScript and CCS elements easy.

Divide the content into the different section

When a website depends on a single page, its look will be much unorganized and very bad so it we cannot divide into sections. Therefore it’s the important step to split the content into sections. We must treat with every section like an internal page if we want good SEO and also use the individual keywords in the content. IT,s basic tip for SEO optimization.

Meta tags and Meta description

It’s the most important heading. Normally people don’t work and don’t focus on it. Please you must focus on it and use these tags. And you the main keywords properly in the Meta tag and Meta descriptions. The keywords will be used in the head lighting. It’s the very important tip for SEO optimization.

Div Section

In the HTML DIV is the most important element to create an organization or stylistic additions. When you divide it into different sections, you may place every section in its own DIV. For keeping the things organize the CSS id names will be helpful. It will consider bad when it comes to sending the SEO signals. Because we can use it for anchor links and these are very effective in SEO.

Anchor the key are links

Do you the purpose to anchor link? This link takes the web visitor to a specific spot on a website page.  It links to play the vital part in single page websites to make routing simpler. Visitors scroll the reach a certain section. If you have this link in place, traffic need the desire sections automatically just by in the Manu. Don’t scroll at all.

Why use the H1, H2 in website 

The most important and attractive point in a website content is H1, H2.  Use of H1 H2 makes the content very beautiful and easy to search for visitors. There is no danger to use the H1 tags in single page website. You must use the H1 to H6 All headings, not only H1.  Google also verifies that it’s absolutely good in a single page website as long as the user has a logical reason.


Any website cannot work efficiently with seo optimization. Because the reboots of reach engines don’t rank without seo optimization. So the seo is very important for visiting the traffic on your website.

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