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How to create your first Google Adwords campaign

Get your ad on google today - How much you should pay to start the Google Adwords game? Google tools makes it easy when you first launch  a new campaign or ad group . By following steps giving below you can run your ad on your website .

Step 1  Sign in -  Sign in with your Google account . we recommend you create new account . After it enter your mobile number .

Step 2-   Enter email address- The window open like welcome to Google Adwords . after sing in enter your valid email address.

Step 3 - Select your campaign type and name - First choose the campaign type . if your website about health choose choose campaign name related with health . For now we recommend you choose “Search Network only” option, and then give your campaign name .  Next option is “Include search partners” don’t choose this .

Step 3 - Choose the geographic location where you’d like ads to show - Next choose area which you want to target . You can choose all countries of word , cities of countries , regions of countries, states  and you have a option to choose latitude-longitude coordinates . You can also choose “Let me choose ...” and then search for the most appropriate area for you.

Step 4 - Choose your “bid strategy,” and set your daily budget -  The main point is bid strategy . Change the default “Bid strategy”   and click “I’ll manually set my bids for clicks.” This helps you more control and will help you learn AdWords at a greater level of understanding. Set your daily budget . Google gives you many option . choose which  suits your criteria .

Step 5-  “Ad Extensions”  - Ignore the “ad extensions option now it is very important but after filling all column then fill it .

Step 6 -  Create your first ad group, and write your first ad -  More users click on ads when headline include the keyword they are searching on . So use keyword in the heading of your ad . Headline must be in 25 character . Use shortened form of word .

Second and third line must be  in 30 to 35 . If you describe benefits in second line and in third line write about feature of product . Then the chances of success is more .

In brief :

  • Headline: up to 25 characters of text About

  • 2nd line: up to 35 characters

  • 3rd line: up to 35 characters

  • 4th line: your Display URL

Step 7 - Insert your keywords into the keyword field in your account -  Paste keyword in field . Start with important one . At the time of starting don’t use hundreds or thousands of keywords .

Step 7 Set your maximum cost-per-click - Now the time set a cost on per click .  Every keyword is theoretically a different market, so decide cost as per keyword . If you can only afford $ 30 per day instead of $ 100 it’s better to bid on low-cost keywords . We highly recommend you if you are beginner start with $ 1 per click .

Step 8 Review - At the end review everything to be sure they’re the best possible match. Check your bid strategy , cost per click etc .

By following these  steps you can start your first campaign . Hope this post helps to understand about how to run ad on Google . 

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